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Getting the best out of your favourite coffee is as much to do with the roast as it has to do with the grind of your coffee. There is the "right" kind of roast and the "wrong" kind of roast depending on what type of coffee you are making.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaust essay - more of a quick reference so that you can get the best out the Gorilla's Coffee you chose to buy based on the type of coffee drink you most enjoy.
Common Misnomer – the darker the roast the more Caffeine!
Actually, 50grams of Dark Roast and 50grams of Light Roast have roughly the same, measuring by weight – amount of caffeine every time, regardless of roast level.

Our suggestions below are just what we found to our liking after 1000’s of cups of coffee and every one of you has your own unique flavour that you love – please feel free to experiment – let us know which Gorilla’s Roast is your favourite for your brewing method – we’re always keen to hear our customers feedback. 

Light Roast

Best used on pour overs where a slower rate of extraction is idealy suited to the lighter roast.

Medium Roast

One size to suite most, great in Drip Style Machines, French Press and even bean to cup or stove -top Mocha Pots.

Dark Roast

You're obessed about the perfect ground and brew time - you chase the perfect espresso shot - no compromise.

Beans or Ground

Gorilla's Coffee Light and Medium Roast is available both as beans or ground for your convience, while Gorilla's Dark Roast is available in beans only - being best sutied to those comfortable with getting the grind they want and need.

Light Roast

Light Roasts are beloved in the specialty coffee industry for thier ability to bring more vibrant, unique flavours out of coffees. It’s also excellent choice for those who like the general aroma of coffee, but do not want anything with more bitter and rich notes – In Light Roasting They highlight the unique characteristics of a coffee’s origin more than any other roast style.

Light roasts are best in accentuating their flavours through a slower brew such as a pour over.
We don’t recommend light roasts for pulling espresso shots and would recommend our medium or dear roasts if this is how you consume the majority of your coffee

Gorilla’s Light Roast is available in both beans and ground. 

Medium Roast

Medium Roasts are known for their middling flexibility in brewing methods – but most definitely not their middling flavour and complexity. Medium roasts are great in Pour Overs and French press alike and do great in drip filter machines and are pretty much at home in bean to cup machines as well.

They are not too bitter or rich yet you still get a great aroma and flavour notes. If you’re kind of a medium to dark roast drinker already but would like to experiment with our coffee in brewing methods then you can’t go wrong with Gorilla’s Medium roast – we personally fond of it in our French press and thing you will too.

Gorilla’s Medium Roast is available in both beans and ground. 

Dark Roast

Dark Roasts -You’re obsessed with dialling in your perfect ground, your time your extractions just so and when no ones watching you secretly break out the Bialetti or Alessi (mocha pot or stove top brewer) but would never admit it out loud…well Gorilla’s Dark Roast is what you’re after. Dark chocolate and a hint of fruit – well bodied and ideal to experiment with in the search of your perfect Espresso Pull

Gorilla’s Dark Roast is also suitable for most bean to cup machines with an adjustable grind setting – be sure to consult your machines user guide/manual on how to adjust it and we would suggest a finer grind than you would if you where normally using Medium Roasted Coffee Beans previously.

Gorilla’s Dark Roast is available in beans only 

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