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The humble coffee berry that makes Gorilla’s Coffee grows in the country of a 1000 hills – Rwanda.

This is an opportunity to resell A single Origin, Bourbon-style Arabica that enjoys a high quality from start to finish. You are also dealing with an ethically sourced, processed and produced coffee that see’s those at the grass roots level benefit from their work.

Maybe you have an existing coffee distribution chain, a Café, Bistro or a coffeeshop and would like to Sell Gorilla’s Coffee in or through our business.

Then becoming a reseller might just be the right option for you. We offer a fair markup allowance, recommended retail pricing as a guide and will deliver your stock to you anywhere in South Africa.

You will also benefit from the existing marketing efforts the brand is already engaged with. Gorilla’s Coffee is a “digital first” business. This means we make use of as many online and electronic platforms and processes to get Gorilla’s Coffee out anywhere in South Africa – our marketing and awareness efforts are ongoing and cover our online presence via this website and consumer facing retail buying via e-commerce, to most social media platforms, where we are not only present but also engaged in paid advertising.

Should you be interested in becoming a reseller – please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a short resellers guide and pricing should your vetting be successful.

Please Note, we are phasing our reseller network in slowly, new applications will only be processed at the end of each week and feedback will be given once the application has been vetted. 

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